its so funny seeing my ex now it’s so cool//weird to have no feelings towards that person…

like you wonder why (at the time) you thought… you had the world and the stars when you were with them…

I remember when I used to so badly want to work things out with him and be with him now im just like…

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Poems for $.50 in a small bookstore in San Francisco 

i love this.
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how to tell if a concert venue is good.

  • probably smells like sweat and booze upon entering
  • friendly security
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you’re as unsatisfying as cold french fries

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roommate requirements

  • willing to reenact the ‘where’s my supersuit’ scene from the incredibles with me at any point in time
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Puberty will hit you very well if:

  1. You’re a celebrity 

  2. You’re rich
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hey handsome…………of that money to me

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When you refresh your inbox and a new message appears


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